What educational materials do the students use?

After giving my first hundred hours of practical exercises I realised that students would simply not refer to books. Indeed I would usually advise my students to read the first chapter of a book for the next class, but no one would ever do it. Following these observations, I talked about it with both bachelor's and master's students and their statement was that they prefer to use other educational materials.

The question is: what educational materials do the students use?

I just started as a research and teaching assistant and I am 24 years old. I belong to this new generation and confirm that we are all the time online, relying intensively on internet. When I have any kind of issue or question regarding my studies content, I begin by searching on Internet. I quickly look for a tutorial with many examples or even better an explanatory video. I use books only as a last option. I think that the whole generation that started post graduate studies refers to Internet like it never before.

So the question is: why do professors and teaching assistants continue to recommend books? The student do not use them anyway.

I have decided to offer another educational content. The goal of the next few months is to prepare an interactive book for the coming academic year with bookdown including :

  • short texts;
  • lots of biological examples;
  • explanatory videos
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